Please note:  As from January 15th 2019 I no longer cover the following London post code areas: N, NW, E, SE, SW, W, WC, EC.

Updated 15/01/19

The following dates are available.


January  Fully booked

February  5th,  6th,  7th,  12th,  14th,  15th.

March  26th,  29th.

April  2nd,  3rd,  4th,  23rd,  24th,  25th,  26th,  30th.

May  3rd,  7th,  8th,  9th,  10th,  14th,  16th,  17th,  21st,  22nd,  23rd.

June  5th,  6th,  7th,  12th,  13th,  18th,  19th,  20th,  21st,  25th,  26th,  27th,  28th.

July  2nd,  3rd,  4th,  5th,  9th,  10th,  12th,  16th,  17th,  18th,  19th,  23rd,  24th.

August  5th,  6th,  7th,  8th,  9th,  12th,  13th,  14th,  15th,  16th,  19th,  20th,  21st,  22nd,  23rd.