Science shows for schools and events.

Plant Life

Seed Dispersal

How do seeds move away from the parent plant?

Martin will bring seeds that fly, seeds that are carried by the wind, seeds that hitch a lift on or inside animals and seeds that are taken away and planted by animals. 

Your class can fly some seeds to see how far they travel.

The seeds of oak, maple, hawthorn, conifers, thistle, fruits will be included and left for you to plant if you wish. 

Roots, pollination etc can also be covered.

Plants in your school grounds

Carry out a plant survey in your school grounds. 

Identify the plants that grow in your grounds and find out more about them. 

Measure the height of a tree a your school grounds

How can you measure the height of a tree without climbing it?

Killer Plants!

Meet some plants that catch small animals using traps. Some traps spring closed, some are sticky and some are like deep wells.

Year two and above only.

Each of the above lasts from 45 minutes. Up to five sessions per day. One class per session.

A morning or a day with one class can cover all of the above and more.


The Bug Man