Science shows for schools and events.

Explore The Seashore - Martin will bring live shore crabs plus mermaid's purses, whelk egg cases, sea weeds and a range of sea shells including whelk, cockle, periwinkle, limpet, slipper limpet etc. Find out about the lives of the animals that once lived in those shells plus of course the life of the Shore Crab.

Suitable for year 2 and above only. One class per session.

British Bugs - See live British bugs including Flat Woodlice, Pill Woodlice, Millipedes, Centipedes, Beetles, Spiders etc. Classify according to observable differences, discuss food chains, habitats, life cycles, adaptation etc.

For year 2 and above only.

Available May to October only.

One class per session. Each session from 45 minutes.

Zoo Day - This has been a great success in one of my regular schools.

One or two classes are divided into a total of twelve groups. Each group is then allotted an animal from the list that I provide. Over the course of a few weeks the groups research their animals. On the eve of Zoo Day the hall is transformed into a zoo with displays of information made by the zoo keepers.

On the morning of Zoo Day I arrive with the twelve different species and their display vivariums etc.

Over the course of Zoo Day the rest of the school visit the zoo and learn from the zoo keepers.

The Bug Man