The following dates are available

Updated 22/09/20


March   2nd,  3rd,  4th,  5th,  9th,  10th,  11th,  12th,  16th,  17th,  18th,  19th,  23rd,  24th, 25th.

April   13th,  14th,  15th,  16th,  20th,  21st,  22nd.  23rd,  27th,  28th,  29th,  30th.

May   5th,  6th,  7th,  11th,  12th,  13th,  14th,  18th,  19th,  20th,  21st,  25th,  26th, 27th,  28th.

June   8th,  9th,  10th,  11th,  15th,  16th,  17th,  22nd,  23rd,  24th,  25th,  29th,  30th.

July   1st,  2nd,  7th,  8th,  9th,  13th,  14th,  15th,  16th.

Available dates for school science shows and workshops