The Big Bug Experience - A real hands-on experience featuring live bugs from around the world  including leaf insects, stick insects, tarantulas, scorpions, giant hissing cockroaches, dead leaf cockroaches, giant millipedes and more.

Great for a Rainforest topic as well as a bug topic.

Watch stick insects climb on your friends!

Have a tarantula on you!

Watch giant millipedes walk on 280 legs!

See a stick insect fly!

Watch cockroaches run towards you!

and much more.

Covers habitats, classification, adaptation, predator/prey,

camouflage, life cycles etc.

Each session lasts from 40 minutes but can be much longer if time allows.

One or two classes per session.

One class per session will allow everyone to get the chance to handle bugs.

School science workshops. School science shows. Primary science. Secondary science