Hi Martin -
Sorry I wasn't around to say thanks and to see you off yesterday. I've had such great feedback from your visit though. Apparently you were 'amazing' - always good to hear! The staff were so impressed by the way you manage to get every child involved, and the adults too, so huge thanks from us all for another fantastic day.

All the best and see you next year.

Deb Selfe
Ed.Visits Co-ord.
Coteford Junior School

Dear Martin,

Thank you so much for a wonderful morning yesterday.  We all had a brilliant time and love the way you are so relaxed with your animals and how your calmness spreads to our children and helps them to feel completely uninhibited by insects and mini beasts, much better than some of our teachers!!

If you look on our Saint Ronan’s page on Facebook you will see some great photos of you and the children.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you next year

Kindest and most grateful regards


Simone Edwards
EYFS Co-ordinator

Saint Ronan's School

A quick review of Martin Rapley's 'Big Bug Experience'. After a fantastic day with Martin last year, we booked him again for our Year 2 children this year, and he didn't disappoint! From the moment Martin arrived at school, he was a pleasure to deal with. As well as working with 90 children throughout the day, Martin also agreed to hold an assembly for all of Key Stage 1 and stay for our 'Bug Cafe' which the parents attended too! Martin was very accommodating to our needs, considering the children the whole time, checking that they were ok, and not pressuring them to hold the 'bugs' if they didn't want to. His enthusiasm and knowledge was infectious and we were all in awe at seeing amazing specimens which we would never get the opportunity to see! We were lucky enough to meet Cockroaches, Giant Millipedes, Stick Insects, Leaf insects (my favourite!) and a Tarantula who cosied up on our shoulders! A huge thank you to Martin and his bugs for a fantastic day, which the children still talk about as 'the best day ever!'

Suzi Bolton, Year 2 teacher at Plumberow Primary Academy, Essex.

On Thursday 18th June Isaac Newton Academy once again played host to the Bug Man. Students got a good chance to exercise their BRAVERY dispositions whilst learning about his fascinating and exotic creatures. With a retinue consisting of a millipede, tarantula, chameleon, iguana, snake and even a spiderman-like tree frog. There were plenty of creatures to learn about, touch and hold.

Whether it was enduring stick insects crawling in their hair, carrying a ferocious tarantula, observing the chameleon’s tongue or feeling the cold embrace of a rat snake the students proved that they were not going to let fear put them off learning. Even a few teachers had the chance to conquer their fears!

We would like to thank the year 7 students for their bravery and helping making this a positive and rewarding experience. We would also like to thank Martin the Bug Man for visiting us for the third year running and look forward to seeing what fantastic creatures he can bring along next year.

Dear Martin,

I would just like to say a huge thank you for your visit last week. The children had such an amazing time and wished that it would never end.

Your show captivated the children and teachers and fitted perfectly with our rainforest topic.

I have had parents come in to say " I have had children at this school for the past nine years, they tell me nothing about what goes on at school but I have heard EVERYTHING about the day that the bug man came to visit".

Thank you!


Elvetham Primary School. Hants.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for a brilliant day today. The children absolutely loved the experience. We looked through all the photographs in the afternoon and I wrote down the following quotes from the children, which you can use if you wish.

All of the following are from Blue Class but I have asked the other teachers to ask their children too. So I can send them on when I get them.

Jack: 'Thank you for letting me have the tarantula on my tummy. I felt so brave'.

Lewis: 'I liked the bit when the stick with wings landed on me'.

Luca: 'When the creature was climbing on my head it felt like a bow in my hair'.

Ava: 'I liked the cockroach on my hand. It felt really tickly'.

Urva: 'I liked looking at the millipede's legs. It has so many!'

Jaz: 'I really liked it when the insect climbed up my arm.'

Abigail: 'Thank you for letting us look at the bugs and stroking them. We all love you.'

Dalia: 'Thank you. That was the best thing I have ever seen.'

Vicky Weathersbee (Blue Class Nursery Nurse): 'What an amazing experience to have Martin come into speak to our children. They enjoyed it so much and were totally captivated by everything that you did and said.'

Tracey Brown (Blue Class teacher): 'Wow! What a truly amazing experience we had today....in fact a truly amazing Big Bug experience! Martin, the Bug man, introduced Blue Class to a range of minibeasts, including stick insects, cockroaches and Lucy the Tarantula. Martin is a knowledgeable, passionate person who immediately engaged with the children and immersed them in the world of these amazing creatures. Martin created a wonderful atmosphere where the children felt safe with the creatures and he allowed them to have time to think before they decided if they wanted to hold the creatures. One of the best moments for me was when we were all lying on the floor admiring the millipede's  legs when I looked up and saw the children's faces beaming with excitement. Thank you so much Martin for a very memorable day. See you next year!'

Best wishes, 


A big, huge, giant thank-you from all of us at Highlees for an incredible day today!
Just look at their faces!!
Always a fantastic day - thanks so much Martin!