Wildlife in your school grounds

A wild survey of your school grounds
Find out what lives in, or visits, your school grounds and why

Your school grounds are a habitat that contains many micro habitats
Lets explore those habitats and as well as identifying the animals and plants that we find, let's see if they help each other in some way, let's see if they are interdependent.

Birds or signs of birds - Find feathers, see birds. Why do they visit your grounds? What do they need to survive? What depends on them. Could they be part of a food chain?

Minibeasts - Why do some live underneath stones etc?   Why are some out in the open?
What do they need to survive and what depends on them?

Plants - There are probably many different plants in your school grounds. Could any of the animals survive without the plants? Could the plants survive without the animals?

Other wildlife - perhaps we'll find signs of mammals , if we do we can discuss their role in the wild life of your school grounds.

Available from April to October
Years 2/3
One class (all day) or two classes (half day each).

Wet weather plan
- If it looks as though the weather could prevent us from going outside, Martin will bring a range of things, including some native live minibeasts, that we probably would have found in your grounds.